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Back in the day: Rebuilding a furniture factory after a fire
This photo of Anton Miller’s furniture manufacturing company was taken sometime in the 1870s after the windmill was put up in spring square in August 1872. Other photos of this property can be seen on page 59 and 60 of the Pictorial History of Monroe and page 51 of the Monroe Area Pictorial History.
A large article in the February 16, 1870 newspaper described Miller’s business, in which they said he made improvements “in styles of furniture, upholstery, and cabinet work.” During 1869, his small shop produced 500 bedsteads, 200 bureaus, 175 stands of different kinds, 300 large and small tables, 2,000 chairs of all kinds, 75 cupboards and secretaries, 100 lounges, settees and tete-a-tetes, 50 center tables, 500 picture and mirror frames, and 75 cribs and trundle beds. In addition, he had done a large quantity of job work, repairing, and more. In addition to building a fine, new hearse, which was “a great acquisition to his trade,” he made a great many coffins.