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Back in the day: From cemetery to park to school
This scan from the 1902 Atlas of Green County shows that the block where the Behring Senior Center now sits was a park at that time. There was nothing shown in that block again in the 1918 Standard Atlas of Green County. Excavation for the Green County Normal School was begun in this block in June 1921.
This is the rest of the quote from August 25, 1885 about the old cemetery that was located where the Behring Senior Center now sits. “We know this is a delicate question: it has no relation to politics in the least, and, we might add, is hardly a question of theology. We would suggest that the few remaining bodies in the old cemetery be removed to the beautiful village ground and the old grounds be converted into another beautiful little park like the one south of the railway. That is if there is no legal impediment, or other serious objection to the plan.