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Students share international experiences
Photo supplied Monroe International Exchange Students, from left, Fer Muoz, Hannele Heikkinen, Mathilde Grannes and Lauri Juonela (pointing to Finland on the map) talked to Monroe Middle School World Language students March 12 about their home countries and experiences in Monroe
MONROE - Monroe international exchange students, María "Fer" Muñoz from Mexico, Hannele Heikinnen and Lauri Juonela from Finland, and Mathilde Grannes from Norway, talked to Monroe Middle School World Language students about their experiences on Thursday, March 12.The seventh- and eighth-graders learned about the teenagers' lifestyle in their home countries and their experiences in Monroe. In Monroe, Lauri is looking forward to playing tennis on the boys' tennis team this spring. Hannele enjoys her host family with their many cats and dogs and she will miss the variety of ice cream flavors in the United States.