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Students create gingerbread houses
Gingerbread houses baked and decorated by students at Albany High School stand ready for landscaping. (Photo supplied)
ALBANY - Students in Alicia Russell's Foods 1 classes recently completed the construction of gingerbread houses.

Students studied the history of gingerbread and then prepared dough in small groups in which each student rolled, cut and baked their own house pieces.

During each class period, students decorated the houses with an array of colorful candies. The sides were decorated first, then the walls were assembled, followed by the roof. Finally, the task of landscaping began. Just like real homes, the landscaping was as varied as the house designs. Snow-covered lawns were adorned with paths, ponds, wood burners, log stacks, decorated spruce trees and other items.

Students took their gingerbread houses home to share with their families.