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Solo ensemblists advanced to state
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SOUTH WAYNE - The Black Hawk Music department competed in the Six Rivers East Solo and Ensemble competition on Saturday, Feb. 23 at the Pecatonica School District. Nine students will go on to the state competition.

Going on to the state level, after earning starred firsts in Class A, were Katelyn Stephens, for her classical vocal solo, and Tessa Cushman, for both her classical and musical theater solos. Nine students - Emily Jones, Tessa Cushman, Melissa Flanagan, Katelyn Stephens, Ashly Larson, Alyse Metz, Abby Baumgartner, Megan Gobeli and Brooke Moore - also received a starred first for their trios.

Class C seconds went to Michael Flanagan and Ben Holland, for their percussion duet, and Casi Blosch and Jordyn Delzer, for their flute/clarinet duet. Delia Staunton, Rachel Hagen, Alena Wheeler and Megan Stephens received seconds for their vocal solos, as well as Casi Blosch for her flute solo. Two groups of three, made up of Delia Staunton, Casi Blosch, Elizabeth Holland, Sam Lovelace, Cheyenne Stewart and Megan Stephens, received a second.

Class C firsts were awarded to Michael Flanagan, Sam Lovelace and Teela Ellingson, for their vocal solos, and to Josh Meier, for his trumpet solo. The instrumental duets of Brody Milz and Nate Hull; Rachel Hagen and Cheyenne Stewart; Elizabeth Holland and Casi Blosch; Sam Lovelace and Jordyn Delzer; Alex Busker and Noah Metz; as well as the vocal duet of Michael Flanagan and Josh Meier, received Class C firsts.

Class B seconds went to Cheyenne Stewart, Josh Meier, Jeanna Rupnow, Katie Akins, Meshell Akins, Angel Paul, Katie Rose and Abby Baumgartner, for their vocal solos.

Class B firsts were awarded to Ashly Larson and Meshell Akins, as well as Melissa and Michelle Flanagan, for their duets. Elizabeth Holland, Casi Blosch, Megan Gobeli, Michelle Flanagan and Melissa Flanagan also received Class B firsts for their vocal solos, as well as Brooke Moore, for her clarinet solo. The percussion group made up of Noah Thomson, Jared Pickett, Justin Wiegel, Jordan Monson, Blaine Wolff and Dean Schlittler was also awarded a Class B first.

In Class A, Courtney Wilde received thirds for both her classical and music theater solos.

Class A seconds were awarded to Logan Stietz, for his trumpet solo, and Ashly Larson, for her alto sax solo. Brooke Moore received seconds for her musical theater and classical vocal solos. Katelyn Stephens was also awarded a Class A second for her musical theater solo.

Leanne Dammen received a Class A first for her vocal solo.

In the Critique Only category, Emily Jones, Braden Abney, Kaitlyn Fey and Hunter Bredeson each received positive comments from the judges on their solos, as well as the duets of Colton Klemm and Braden Abney and Lydia Stietz and Sydney Delzer. Two trios made up of Brandon Schiferl, Rece Sheldon and Hunter Bredeson, and Mia Jackson, Sydney Delzer and Lydia Stietz also received great comments from the judges.