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School Menus: May 7, 2009
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MonroeMonday - Barbecue on bun, coleslaw, applesauce, milk Tuesday - Taco (soft-shell or chips), corn, peaches, choice of bread, milkWednesday - Chicken patty on bun, seasoned rice, carrots, pears, milk Thursday - Macaroni and cheese, green beans, fresh fruit, choice of bread, milkFriday - French toast sticks, eggs, orange juice, strawberries, choice of bread, milkAlbanyMonday - Goulash, green beans, bread, pineapple, milkTuesday - Ham sub, chips and salsa, grapes, cookie, milkWednesday - Nachos supreme, lettuce, olive, tomatoes, Rice Krispie treats, milkThursday - Ravioli or hamburger helper, glazed carrots, apples or oranges, milk Friday - Hot dogs, sauerkraut, baked beans, pears, milkArgyleMonday - Hamburger gravy with mashed potatoes, bread, milk Tuesday - Beefy nacho, refried beans, milkWednesday - French toast sticks, cheese omelet, potato triangle, milkThursday - Rotini with meat sauce, breadstick, milk, puddingFriday - Chicken parmesan, noodles, bread, milkBlack HawkMonday - Chicken nuggets, vegetables, fruitTuesday - Pizza, vegetables, fruitWednesday - Beefy nachos, vegetables, fruitThursday - Mini corn dog, vegetables, fruitFriday - French toast, sausage link, hash browns, juiceDarlingtonMonday - Soft taco-beef and cheese with works, lettuce salad or K-6 corn puppies or 7-12 corn dogs; potato rounds, fresh fruit, bread, milkTuesday - Chicken patty or meatballs and gravy, corn, mashed potatoes, fruit choice, bread, milkWednesday - Pizza dippers and sauce or chicken wrap, lettuce salad or PBJ, cook's choice potato, fruit choice, milk Thursday - Cheeseburger on bun or hot dog on bun; K-8 Smiles; 4-12 Curly fries, pickles, fruit choice; 7-12 and staff, salad bar, milkFriday - Turkey or bologna or PBJ or tuna or egg salad sandwich; baked chips, relishes and dips, pickles, fresh fruit, milkMonticelloMonday - Chicken fajitas, Mexican corn, buttered cornTuesday - Mac and cheese, hot dog, green beansWednesday - Chicken patty on bun, baked French fries, marinated saladThursday - Stromboli, lettuce salad, asparagus, birthday cakeFriday - Spaghetti with meatballs or marinara sauce, lettuce salad, breadstickShullsburgMonday - Brats, lettuce, salad bar, cheese, baked beans, fruit cups, milkTuesday - Beans and franks or buttered noodles, lettuce, cheese, applesauce, bread, milk Wednesday - Pizza, lettuce, salad bar, cheese, cookies, fruit cups, milkThursday - Chicken nuggets, gravy, corn, potatoes, fresh fruit, bread, milkFriday - Lasagna roll up, lettuce, cheese, dirt cake, bread, milk