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School Menus: March 19, 2009
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JudaMonday - Weiner wraps, baked beans, pearsTuesday - Spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread, juiceWednesday - Chicken patty, au gratin potatoes, peachesThursday - Scalloped potatoes and ham, green beans, pineappleFriday - Mac-n-cheese, lil smokies, peas, applesauceAlbanyMonday - Chicken or cheese quesadilla, rice, apples and oranges, milkTuesday - Turkey or ham sub, tostada chips and salsa, fruit cups, milkWednesday - Meatballs, mashed potatoes, winter blend, dinner roll, oatmeal raisin cookie, milkThursday - Potato bar or ravioli, broccoli and cheese, pears, milkFriday - Nachos or corn dog, refried beans, corn, mandarin oranges, milkArgyleMonday - Breaded chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, bread, milkTuesday - Soft shell tacos, rice, milk, puddingWednesday - Hamburger on bun, French fries, milkThursday - Mini corn dogs, buttered noodles, bread, milkFriday - Waffle sticks, egg patty, potato triangle, milkDarlingtonMonday - Sandwich choice, chips, relish and dips, pickles, fruit, milkTuesday - Chicken and gravy or Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, sherbet, roll, milkWednesday - Sausage, pepperoni or cheese pizza, lettuce salad or PBJ or cheddarwurst on bun, cook's choice potato, fruit choice, milkThursday - Scalloped potatoes and ham, vegetable medley or corn puppies, potato rounds, fruit choice, bread and milk or 7-12 and staff, Oriental chicken saladFriday - Cheeseburger on bun or fish nuggets, French fries, pickles, fresh fruit, bread, milkShullsburgMonday - Lasagna, lettuce or coleslaw, cheese, fruit cups, bread sticks, milkTuesday - Chili or chicken noodle soup, veggies and dip, cheese, fruit cups, bread, milkWednesday - Tacos or mini corn dogs, corn, lettuce, cheese, fruit cups, milkThursday - Spaghetti, lettuce or coleslaw, cheese, fruit cups, garlic bread, milkFriday - Tuna noodle casserole, lettuce or peas, cheese, fruit cups, bread, milkTere Dunlap 3/18/09 Black HawkMonday - Chicken fajita strip, vegetables, fruitTuesday - Hamburger on bun, French fries, fruitWednesday - Pizza, corn, fruitThursday - Barbecue pork, vegetables, fruit, Rice Krispie barFriday - Potato soup, chili or chicken noodle soup, crackers, fruit