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School Menus
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BLACK HAWKMonday - Cook's choiceTuesday - Taco, corn, fruit, cookieWednesday - Chicken patty, vegetable, fruitThursday - Sub sandwich, vegetable, fruitFriday - Hot pockets, vegetable, fruit, Rice Krispie barsMONROE Monday - Hot dog on bun-grades; hot dog or cheddar brat on bun-middle and high school; baked beans, pears, coleslaw, milkTuesday - Chef salad-grades; mozzarella sticks or chef salad-middle and high school; peas, peaches, choice of bread or rolls, milkWednesday - Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, applesauce, milkThursday - Taco-softshell or chips with lettuce and cheese, fresh fruit, juice, choice of bread, milkFriday - Hamburger on bun with lettuce and cheese, nachos with cheesesauce, green beans, juice, pudding, milkMONTICELLOMonday - Chicken with gravy, sweet peas, biscuit, pudding cupTuesday - Pizza dippers with marinara sauce, tossed saladWednesday - Sloppy joes on a bun, baked beans, colesalwThursday - Chicken fajitas with lettuce, cheese, salsa, Mexican rice, buttered cornFriday - French toast sticks, sausage patty, potato triangleSHULLSBURGMonday - Tator tot casserole, peas or lettuce, cheese, fruit, bread, milkTuesday - Tacos or mini corn dogs, refried beans, corn, lettuce, cheese, fruit, milkWednesday - Beans and franks or PBJ, lettuce or cole slaw, cheese, chocolate cake, fruit, bread, milkThursday - Chef salad, ham, tuna, taco meat or chicken, cheese, bars, fruit, milkFriday - Barbecue on bun or PBJ, lettuce or corn, bars, fruit, milk JUDAMonday - Cheese sticks, sauce, green beans, pearsTuesday - Hamburgers, French fries, applesauceWednesday - Cheesy fries, green beans, peachesThursday - Chicken fajitas, corn, pineappleFriday - Fish sticks, mashed potatoes, mandarin oranges