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'Reality Check' simulates life experiences, consequences
Volunteers re-enact what can happen to youth participants during the Green County United Prevention Professionals for Youth's "Reality Check" program, Thursday, April 10 at Monroe High School. (Photo supplied)
MONROE - On Thursday, April 10, 375 high school students from Albany, Brodhead, Monticello, Monroe, New Glarus and Juda participated in the "Reality Check" Program.

The program gives youth the chance to learn what can happen to them in life based on a number of consequences. They experience many of life's challenges through a series of scenarios designed to teach youth the risks and challenges of pressures witnessed in real life. The event took place at the Monroe High School practice gym.

The event was sponsored by the Green County United Prevention Professionals for Youth. GUPPY has worked since 2006 to put together a hands-on program that utilizes nearly 100 local professionals each year to help play the parts of the event stations. The April 10 event was the seventh program put on by the coalition group.

"Reality Check" allows youth to learn firsthand the dangers of getting involved in potentially risky and dangerous situations they may encounter throughout their middle and high school years. Event participants receive an envelope with five colored cards that signify their pre-determined life scenarios. Youth simulate events that involve topics relating to drugs, alcohol and tobacco issues; dating and relationships; and the financial consequences of poor decisions. The goal of the game is to encourage positive choices in the students' real-life futures. Volunteers from the Green County area help the students learn more about the importance of positive choices and the many resources available in the community to support them.

For more information, contact Colleen Wells, Monticello School District counselor, at 608-938-4194 or or Alissa Grenawalt, University of Wisconsin-Extension Green County 4-H and Youth Development agent, at 608-328-9440 or