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Monroe schools get checks from Jacob’s Swag
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MONROE — The School District of Monroe just received a sizeable donation for several programs from the Jacob’s Swag Foundation.

District officials announced about $7,500 in donations during their regular meeting on July 25. That includes $1,000 for the MHS Link program; $500 for the Junior Optimists, $5,000 for Sources of Strength training and $1,000 for a school web project.

“We just can’t thank you enough from the board, Jacob’s Swag, for all that you do for the district,” said Board President Richard Deprez. 

Jacob’s Swag was started by family and friends of Jacob Ellefson, who died by taking his own life in 2012. They support a number of programs to boost mental health among teens and for suicide prevention. 

“This work is inspired by the memory of Jacob and it serves as a way for the family and Jacob’s friends to address an issue that is of critical importance to them and their community,” said a statement on the group’s web site.