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Monroe Excellence in Education lists donors for 2008
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The Monroe Excellence in Education Foundation Board extends a sincere appreciation to the following individuals, organizations, and corporations who have made gifts to the Foundation from December 2007 through November 2008.


Joy Ableman

Beth K. Ableman-Bernet

LaVerne Altmann

Mr. and Mrs. Andreas P. Affolter

Mr. and Mrs. Eric K. Anderson

Anonymous Gifts

David and Janeen Babler

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baumann

Sheila Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis D. Berndt

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy C. Bernet

Mr. Rudy C. Bernet

Mr. Larry Brown

Mr. Tim Brown

Mrs. Daniell Brunner

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff C. Buehler

Mr. Dale Buvid

Mr. and Mrs. Chad D. Cassidy

Mr. David Dison

Mr. John S. Ditulio

Gail Eiserman

Mr. Shawna R. Ellingen

Dr. and Mrs. Jan E. Erlandson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Flannery

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Flom

Mr. and Mrs. John Foran

Mrs. Karen Fowdy

Dr. and Dr. John and Mary Frantz

Mrs. Deb Freitag

Mrs. Kathryn M. Frey

Rudy and Linda Gebhardt

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Gersbach Jr.

Mr. Joseph B. Geyer Jr.

Barbara Grabow

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Henry Jr.

Mrs. Cory A. Hirsbrunner

Leah D. Houston

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hunter

Ann Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Hyland

Mr. Keith Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Jacobson

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jefson

Mrs. Mary Jelinek

Mr. Michael Kaszuba

Rodney O. Kittelsen Estate

Mr. and Mrs. Brad D. Klemm

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Klitzke

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Moehn Klitzke

Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Kundert

Mrs. Linda L. Kundert

Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Lelle

Mrs. Jill S. Leuzinger

Mrs. Sue Leuzinger

Mrs. Linda Lostetter

Nicole Lutzke

Pat Manion

Brenda A. Marr

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Mayer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Miles

Mrs. Laura L. Molitor

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Molitor

Joseph Monroe

Monroe Optimist Club Youth Fund

Mrs. Terri Montgomery

Terri Munz Montgomery

Mr. and Mrs. James Munro

Mr. Ronald C. Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Osorio

Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Pinnow

Sandra Rabotski

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Reffue C.P.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Rowe

Mrs. Cindy Rupnow

Mrs. Ella Sanderson

Dr. and Mrs. Lance Sathoff

Mr. Daniel L. Saunders

Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Schmidt

School District of Monroe

Mrs. Jacqueline R. Schutz

Mrs. Lori Soderberg

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Spielman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Starck

Steven Stroessner and Rochelle Hauge

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Swiggum

Mrs. Jennifer L. Thayer

Ms Deb D. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Timmerman

Mr. David E. Traul

Dorothy Trumpy

Mrs. Laurie Vierthaler

Christine E. Waldman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Wheat

Mrs. Nadine Whiteman

Mrs. Stephanie Wiegel

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wildemann

Teri Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Ziegler

Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Zimmerman


Jan Alt

Dan Bauer

Dorothy Casselberry

Laurence Cook

Selma Elmer

Gene Fedie

Lois Gabbei

Brenda Hickey

Leona Homb

Marilyn Hubbard

Virginia Irvin

Douglas Jefson

Kenneth Leitzinger

William R. Lovelace

Patricia Luplow

Dorothy McKenzie

Nada Meyers

Lloyd Moths

James Nuckles

O'Dean Norman Peterson

Yolanda Pierangel

Elsa Rattin

Andrea Cerbins Ray

Don Ripp

Norman Ritschard

Mary Roth

Marvin Schmitt

Joanne Seffrood

Harriet E Summeril Sheeler

Matthew Steffes

Ashley C. Strait

Robert Tourdot

Evelyn Tousignant

Jon Turnell

William Weihmeir

Howard Wells

Jack Erb Wells


Andrea Balsiger

Ms Balsiger

Aric Barnard

Finley and Char Barry

Kay and George Barry

Robert and Laura Beausire and Family

Tara Berget

Mr. Binkley

Mrs. Boll-Gibbons

Ms Boyle

Mr. Bristow

Class of 1977

Class of 1983

Franklyn and Susan Dillon's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Donna and Bob Durtschi

Retirement of Ella Ellefson

Cindy Engle

Bob and Wendy Erb and Family

Mrs. Sara Erickson

Linda Gebhardt

Miss Gratz

Ms Hammer

Lynn Hardy

Dorothy Hayes

Loren Homb

Mr. Hyland

Mary Jelinek Retirement

Jan and Chet Johnson

Mr. Jones

Robyn Jubeck

Marcy and Stan Keehn

Haley Keifer

Sarah Kjelagaard

Mrs. Kleppe

Deb Kleppe Retirement

Joann Lancaster

Mrs. Mahlkuch

Judy and Bruce Meier

Parkside Elementary 5th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Patrick

Miss Pluemer

Mrs. Preboske

Tony and Angie Rogerson and Family

Cindy Rupnow

Mrs. Scace

Mr. Schneeberger

Todd and Dolly Schluesche

Scott Schmidt's 50th Birthday

Lance Smith

Ms Soden

Tim Solberger

Ms Studer

Scott and Dee Thompson

Cheryl Thorpe

Laura Toerck

Mrs. Tordoff

Dorothy Trumpy

Traci and Dave Weckerly

Chuck and Chris Wellington

Lisa and Brad Zettle

Partners in Education

Anonymous Gifts

Duxstand, Vale, Bestul, S.C.

Edward Jones

Monroe Clinic

Monroe Fund

Monroe High School Class of 1949

Monroe High School Class of 1977

Monroe High School Class of 1983

Monroe Kiwanis Club

Monroe Optimist Club

Monroe Truck Equipment

Reffue, Pas, Jacobson & Koster

Swiss Colony

Tschudy Family Fund

Wisconsin Community

Your tax-deductible gift to education may be directed to the "The Monroe Excellence In Education Foundation," c/o The Monroe Fund, P.O. Box 733, Monroe, WI 53566. If you would like to discuss giving options, contact Linda Gebhardt, donor services representative at (608) 328-4060 or (800) 995-2379.