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Juda students take pledge not to text, drive
AT&T, AAA and the state patrol teamed up to warn Juda students about the dangers of texting and driving on April 20. Pictured from left is Trooper Matthew Ackley, Rep. Mark Spreitzer, students Jason Roth, Daniel Skoumal and Trent Davis, and Nick Jarmusz from AAA. (Photo supplied)
JUDA - On April 20, more than 175 students from the Juda school district learned about the dangers of texting while driving and were urged to take the pledge to never text behind the wheel at The Juda school district teamed up with AT&T, AAA, the Wisconsin State Patrol and Rep. Mark Spreitzer as part of the It Can Wait movement to remind students that text messages can wait until after driving. The assembly was part of a series of events being held at high schools across the state this school year by AT&T, AAA and the Wisconsin State Patrol to drive home the dangers of texting and driving and encourage teens to take the pledge.