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Green County Leaders celebrate 2023-24 graduates
green county leaders class grad 2024
The 2023-2024 Green County Leaders graduating class.

MONROE — Green County Leaders is proud to announce the graduation of 35 community leaders from the 2023-2024 leadership development program. These participants were celebrated during a graduation ceremony and were recognized for their community project accomplishments and educational achievements.

Green County Leaders is an educational program where individuals practice leadership skills, deepen their understanding of community issues, and prepare for leadership roles, thereby creating a network of active and visionary individuals who leverage their experience and expertise to benefit their community and local community-based organizations.  Green County Leaders participants attend a full-day program once a month, held in various locations, from September through May. This year participants met over 100 community leaders and toured 23 sites in 8 communities. 

Participants also take part in a team project and other activities to hone leadership skills and community impact. This year’s class projects were instrumental in laying groundwork for future efforts and included:

●  Open Doors Green County offers free behind-the scenes tours of businesses to give the local community a deeper understanding of the hidden gems in their own backyard and showcase all that Green County has to offer in terms of goods and services.

●  Green County Empowerment was established to create a platform for strong relationships to form and to provide both professional and personal learning opportunities in Green County. 

●  Micro Loan Program is a program to provide low interest loans to qualifying residents in Green County. The intent is to provide an option for residents seeking a payday loan or needing assistance with limited incomes. 

●  New Glarus Orchard Project was developed to assist in designing a fruit orchard on a piece of land that was recently purchased by the Town of New Glarus. 

●  Highway Beautification & Habitat Restoration is a partnership with the Green County Highway Department and is a pilot program that plants native plants within on-ramps, off-ramps, and other highway land that is currently being mowed. The project includes biodiversity, soil healthy, pollinator habitat, a reduced number of non-native invasive grasses, and aesthetic value. 

●  Improving Monticello’s Connectivity and Beauty through Signage, Trail Extension and Landscaping — focuses on Monticello, Wisconsin, where project participants explored the community through a “First Impressions” exercise, focusing on the community’s unique features as well as obstacles and opportunities.  

●  Green County Smiles — collaborated with educational entities to address community deficits when it comes to oral health education and awareness. 

For more information on the Green County Leaders program, please contact Victoria Solomon at the Extension Green County Office at (608) 328-9440 or

Those being recognized included:

Aaron Hesgard, representing Hesgard Collision Center;

Ali Grunder, representing SSM Health Monroe; 

Alison Agnes, representing SSM Health Monroe Hospital.; 

Amanda Lowery, representing Woodford State Bank; 

Austin Coppernoll, representing Southwestern WI Regional Planning Commission; 

Brent Ackerman, representing Swiss Colony Data Center; 

Brianne Rindy, representing Colony Brands, Inc; 

Christina Gilbertson, representing Kundert Construction; 

Christina Schoenwetter, representing St John’s United Church of Christ; 

Christine Ceroni, representing Hughes Resources; 

Cora Hicks representing Colony Brands, Inc; 

Damion Babler, representing Kuhn North America; 

Dustine Marty, representing Bank of New Glarus; 

Emily McGee, representing School District of Monroe; 

Erin Emery, representing Green County Humane Society; 

Hannah Sprouse, representing Precision BioLabs; 

Jaclyn Essandoh, representing Southwestern WI Regional Planning Commission; 

Jennie Lembach, representing Colony Brands, Inc; 

Jennifer Naramore, representing Kuhn North America; 

Jordyn Alfred, representing Colony Brands, Inc; 

Kalee Richards, representing Emmi Roth, USA; 

Katy Lambert, representing Colony Brands, Inc; 

Kevin McGee, representing DM Services Inc (Colony Brands, Inc);

Kevin Zeinemann, representing Precision Drive and Control (PDC);

Lesli Raders, representing SSM Monroe Clinic Medical Group;

Madeline Kuhn, representing Emmi Roth, USA;

Natasha Morgan, representing Green Haven Family Advocates;

Noah Steiner, representing Monroe Truck Equipment;

Olivia Lentz, representing Monroe Arts Center;

Rory J. Maurer, representing Woodford State Bank;

Samantha Wileman, representing UW-Extension Green County;

Shauna Larson, representing Colony Brands, Inc. 

Stephanie Kruse, representing SSM Health Monroe

Tonna Winkers, representing Credit Union National Association

Tyler Sievers, representing SC Data Center, Inc (Colony Brands, Inc)