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Green County Land & Conservation tree sale
Quaking Aspen, one of the 16 available species for the Green County LWCD tree sale.

MONROE — The Green County Land & Water Conservation Department is offering 14 varieties of trees and two shrubs for landowners interested in planting trees next spring. 

The tree varieties are: Quaking Aspen, Paper Birch, Black Walnut, Red Splendor Crabapple, Sugar Maple, Bur Oak, Red Oak, Swamp White Oak, White Oak, American Plum, Domestic Apple, White Pine, Norway Spruce, and Sycamore.  

The shrubs available are Common Ninebark and Redosier Dogwood. 

Some of these are species we haven’t offered in the past. The trees and shrubs are bare root, and range in height between 12 inches and 3 feet depending on species. The cost is $3 per tree and must be ordered in increments of 10.

Most of the trees and shrubs are native to the area and the species offered cover a broad range of soil types and moistures, from dry to very wet. 

Mycorrhizal root dip and nutrient packs are also available to order. Tree spuds can be rented with a deposit. We also have tree planters available, allowing you to plant a lot of trees with ease. Contact us to get on the planter schedule.

Trees can be ordered by contacting the LWCD directly by phone or by ordering under the tab “Resources” through the Green County LWCD website: 

There are also order forms in the office that can be picked up. 

If unsure about what trees will work in a particular soil, have any questions about the trees or how to order, stop in or give the Green County Land & Water Conservation Department a call at 608-325-4195. 

Orders will be taken until Friday, Dec. 30. 

Trees are scheduled for pick up mid- to late-April.