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Green County EMS educates local bank employees on CPR
Shown from left are Woodford State Bank employees Stephanie Kloepping, Sherry Stauffer, Kim Zettle, Shirley Eells, Michelle Davis, Brenda Peterson and Staci Lehman, listening intently to Green County EMS Chief Dan Nufer. Green County EMS provided CCR training to bank employees Feb. 29. (Photo supplied)
MONROE - Employees of Woodford State Bank took an hour Feb. 19 to learn the Cardio-Cerebral Resuscitation technique from Green County EMS.

CCR differs from the traditional CPR in that CPR delivers mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Stopping chest compressions to give mouth-to-mouth may waste precious time. Studies have shown that CCR keeps blood moving to the hearts and brains of cardiac arrest victims.

Green County EMS, a volunteer/paid-on-call service, is the primary 911 ambulance service for Monroe and a large part of Green County. They are always looking for new members and opportunities to educate the community.