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Farmers, ranchers unite to launch Real Burger of Earth Day campaign

BRODHEAD — Earth Day 2022 has an official burger: 100% Grassfed. 

On March 31, the Grassfed Alliance, a program of the Good Meat Project, launched the pilot version of its first-ever Real Burger of Earth Day campaign, alongside a national coalition of family farmers, ranchers, butchers, chefs and providers like restaurants and retailers. The campaign will educate consumers of the benefits of 100% grassfed beef, and encourage families to celebrate Earth Day by trying a delicious burger from 100% grassfed beef.

“We want people to understand that eating meat isn’t the climate culprit — it’s what kind of meat, how it’s raised, and where it comes from,” said Tim Joseph, President of the Grassfed Alliance. “Grassfed beef is a better choice for the environment, and there’s no better tasting burger.”

The campaign will connect consumers with 100% grassfed beef farmers, ranchers and brands that represent a range of geographies, business models and scales. Riemer Family Farm, a diversified, regenerative, pasture raised meat farm in Brodhead, is one of the members of the new campaign, which is engaging home cooks through social media, local promotions and a national sweepstakes.

“We are excited to be on board with this program as it helps draw welcomed attention to the benefits of pasture raised meats. We believe that farmers like us with diverse, managed, perennial pastures are a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to restoring ecosystem function, protecting water sources and building climate resilience,” said Bryce Riemer of Riemer Family Farm.

The campaign challenges notions about meat and climate change, and the rapidly growing, largely unregulated market for alternative meats.

“Family farms, local chefs and ranchers who believe in 100% grassfed beef are part of the solution to climate change,” said James O’Donnell, Program Director for The Grassfed Alliance, “with sustainable practices managed by small business owners in the name of saving the planet.”

The Grassfed Alliance website notes the extensive environmental benefits of grassfed — a lower carbon footprint than industrially produced meat or plant-based meat alternatives; healthier soils; healthier animals; no chemicals or toxins; and an alternative to heavily-polluting factory farm operations.

The campaign will help hungry consumers who care about the planet learn more about 100% grassfed meat and encourage them to buy it from local farms like Riemer Family Farm and area farm to table restaurants, like MAD Charlie’s Café in Monroe.