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Elementary Spanish Program Begins
elementary spanish
Parkside Elementary School students, in back, from left, Ashley Javier Garcia, Briggs Engelkens, Maddox Cregan, Karley Trame, Tobi Lynn Wolff and Ryu Gage; middle row, from left, Charlotte Butler, Ariana Herrera, Aide Bolanos and Nash Hunt; and, front row, from left, Octavious Belke-Cowell, Kaylee Coulthard, Jacob Ramos and Mackenzie Ter Hark sing along during the Elementary Spanish Program.
The School District of Monroe was able to start the Elementary Spanish Program after receiving a grant from Colony Brands. Kindergarten students at all elementary schools have started their first unit, centered on the theme of how to introduce themselves to someone. They are also learning how to play culturally authentic games and how to take risks when it comes to their language skills.