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DPI releases annual school report cards
NG, Darlington top area districts; Monroe, Juda behind, but still meet expectations
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MONROE — The Wisconsin Department of Instruction (DPI) released its annual report cards this week, and the School District of Monroe continues to see its numbers fall short against other area schools.

While Monroe was given a 2021-22 report card score of 63.1 — a “Meets Expectations” rating, the number is a far cry from its 77.5 rating a decade ago. New Glarus had this year’s highest overall local score of 79.9.

The DPI warned against mis-interpreting scores due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which has skewed numbers from across the state, as each individual district had separate protocols and guidelines for instruction between March 2020 through today. Review of the detailed data of all schools can be find at

While there have been changes within the yearly scoring system, Monroe saw its Student Achievement ranking drop from 69.0 to 61.6 this past decade. Monroe is still ahead of the state average in several categories, including English Language Arts by 1.5 points, Mathematics by 4.1 points and On-Track To Graduation by 2.3 points. 

There are several factors into overall scores than just graded tests. Factors include students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged, English-learners, and racial diversity, plus overall achievement, growth from previous years, targeted group outcomes and the rate of students on-track to graduate.

Beginning in 2011-12, a comprehensive accountability index replaced the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) system. The index approach uses multiple measures and classifies schools along a rating continuum. The ratings determine the level of support a school receives, ranging from rewards and recognition for high performing schools to state intervention for the lowest performing schools in the state. Accountability scores, ratings, and a 5-star rating system (as of the 2015-16 report cards) are reported annually in the report cards.

Demographically, Darlington has the highest percentage of minorities in its student body at 31.8%, with 29.5% of Hispanic or Latino decent. Monroe is next overall at 16.4% minorities. 

While Monroe is the largest of 10 area districts (2,273 total students), it has the lowest Open Enrollment rate at just 4.4%. Juda has the lowest total enrollment (278), but the highest open enrollment (27%). Juda is also the second-least diverse (95.7% white), and the most economically disadvantaged (62.9%).

For more information on report cards, see the DPI’s Report Card Resources page. For report card questions, contact