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Dean's List: June 17, 2015
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STEVENS POINT - The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point announced its honor list for the spring semester of the 2014-15 academic year.

Full-time undergraduates who earned grade point averages of 3.90 to 4.0 are given the highest honors designation. High honor citations go to those with GPAs from 3.75 to 3.89, and honor recognition is accorded to those with GPAs from 3.50 to 3.74.

Area students include:

Albany: Joshua J. Krueger, highest honors; Tess J. Thornton, highest honors

Belleville: Shane B. Donohue, high honors; Joshua E. O'Connor, highest honors; Austin M. Shrader, high honors; Lindsey C. Woller, honors

Blanchardville: Kelsey M. Griffiths, high honors

Brodhead: Alison N. Clark, honors; Jacqueline L. Conway, honors; Taylor M. Douglas, honors; Elizabeth M. Rodriguez, highest honors

Darlington: Andrew D. Kelly, highest honors

Monroe: Jessica R. Brennan, high honors; Alexander S. Purdy, highest honors; Kyleigh Sellnow, honors; Rachele J. Thompson, honors; Christina L. Wyttenbach, high honors

Monticello: Megan L. Ball, honors; Christopher W. Blum, honors; Will Fenner, honors

New Glarus: Logan R. Zimmerman, honors