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Dean's List: July 16, 3012
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PLATTEVILLE - The University of Wisconsin-Platteville announced its 2012 spring semester dean's list. Students receive the academic honor in the College of Business, Industry, Life Science and Agriculture and the College of Liberal Arts and Education must achieve a 3.75 grade point average and students in the College of Engineering, Math and Science must earn a 3.5 grade point average.Area students named were: Alexandra Andraski, Monroe; Cody Austin, New Glarus; Leah Babb, Monroe; Bryanna Bauman, Juda; Mason Boley, Belleville; Kristina Boyle, Darlington; Elisabeth Brunner, Monroe; Justin Brunner, Monroe; Thomas Butts, Browntown; Linley Carlson, Darlington; Carson Crist, Darlington; Kalee Crist, Darlington; Tracy Dammen, Argyle; Timothy Farrell, Blanchardville; Kelli Fischer, Argyle; Chad Ford, Monticello; Kimberly Forrester, Brodhead; Shawna Foulker, Darlington; Patrick Gellings, Monroe; Alicia Gordee, Argyle; Colton Hackett, Darlington; Daniel Hammer, Darlington; Tyler Hansen, Gratiot; Alyssa Harding, Brodhead; Alanna Hardyman, Darlington; Kendra Haug, Monroe; Cole Henning, Monticello; Jessica Johnson, Gratiot; Rebecca Johnson, South Wayne; Aric Karlen, Monticello; Savanna Kaster, Browntown; Patrick Klein, Monroe; Nathaniel Lederman, Monticello; Kathleen Lincicum, Juda; Katie Martin, Darlington; Samantha Mathias, Darlington; Meaghan McGuire, Brodhead; Lucas Menzel, Brodhead; Collin Murray, Monticello; Alicia Nettesheim, New Glarus; Kayla Paust, Blanchardville; Jordan Riemer, Brodhead; Ricardo Ruelas, Darlington; Melissa Rufer, Monroe; Matthew Schenk, Monroe; Abigail Schulte, Darlington; Sarah Silver, Monticello; Andrew Skog, Darlington; Jonathan Swartz, Monroe; Jaime Teutschmann, Gratiot; Cory Timm, Monroe; Thomas Tollakson, Argyle; Erin Watkins, Belleville; Adam Watkins, Belleville; Kelly Wellnitz, Brodhead; Matthew Whipple,Monroe; Courtney Wiegel, Darlington; and Jeremy Zimmerman, Monroe.FENNIMORE - Southwest Tech has announced its dean's list for the spring 2012 semester.Students qualify if they are full-time with a minimum of 12 credits that apply towards a degree program and earn a GPA of 3.0 or greater for the semester. The area students named were: Brent Pence, Monticello; Ryan Ritschard, Monticello; Trevor Monahan, Argyle; and Matthew Rosebrook, Argyle.