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Class flexibility draws accounting student to Blackhawk Tech
Tayana Roman, Blackhawk Technical College student. - Photo by Bradley Ziegler, Blackhawk Technical College.

JANESVILLE — The flexibility of the classes is what drew Tayana Roman to Blackhawk Technical College. With the introduction of MyEdChoice, Tayana can choose whether she wants to go to class, watch the course via Zoom from her home or go to work and watch the videos later.

“I started going to every class face-to-face but have fallen back from that and went fully online, and I love it,” she said. “I am able to still work my job and have plenty of time to do homework and tests successfully.”

Tayana, who is in the accounting program, graduated from Beloit Memorial High School in 2018 and expects to graduate from BTC in 2023. She credits the BTC advisors with helping her decide to go into accounting after she originally wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.

“I love math, technology and entering data. Math has been my favorite subject since a kid, and it’s fun to me,” she said.

Being able to attend school close to home also helped in Tayana’s decision. She loves being able to be close to her family and still pursue her degree.

The responsiveness of the instructors is something Tayana considers the most important thing she’s learned in her time at BTC.

“Staff are always willing to help you, so do not be afraid to ask for it,” she said. “Even if you’re not close, teachers will Zoom with you, and they’re really good at emailing back fast.”

Accounting & Business Instructor Katherine Fuller credits Tayana’s success to her persistence, motivation and positive attitude.

“She juggles working as an aid in special education with taking a heavy course load here at BTC, and the fact that she can do both so well is a real testament to her character,” Fuller said.

Tayana would tell prospective students that if they choose to come to BTC, they most definitely can succeed.

“Communicate with your teachers, advocate for yourself, and you will do great!” she said.

Tayana plans to get a job in her field of accounting after graduation and maintain that job for years to come.