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Changes in Summer Day Club program
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MONROE — In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Monroe Parks and Recreation Department has made revisions to its Day Club program (previously called Summer School Afternoon Club) in order to follow the Governor’s orders and to keep participants safe. 

The department will begin its first session of Day Club when Wisconsin gets to Phase 1 of the Governor’s order and can gather in groups of 10.  At this time, the department doesn’t know when that will be, but is preparing in the hopes to be at Phase 1 by June 8. Parents are asked to register now, though there will no charges or fees until the Day Club dates have been determined.  Once the dates are set, an invoice with the proper amount will be sent. 

The plans for Day Club structure are revised from previous years. There will be one group of eight for a “Morning Session” 7:30 a.m. to noon and an “Afternoon Session” 1 to 5:30 p.m. for both June and July only. The department will be offering two groups of “All-Day” session in June and two groups “All-Day” session in July. August options will be determined at a later date when decisions are made concerning Summer School. 

Depending on amount of participation, the program will divide into groups. There will need to be 7-8 children per group in order to hold a session. 

●  Two groups of 8 “All Day” children, plus two instructors. These two groups will meet in separate indoor and outdoor locations. 

●  One group of 8 “Morning only” children, plus two instructors and one group of 8 “Afternoon only” children, plus two instructors. These groups will meet in different locations also. 

The department plans to gather at assigned inside locations each day for attendance, a gathering activity/board game, and then walk to a park, weather permitting. Inside locations are Middle School Youth Center; City Hall Annex; and another site still to be determined. Each day, the program will have a variety of activities including: coloring, Legos, board games, sidewalk chalk, crafts, etc.  At the park, the program will use the courts when available to play tennis or teach some basic tennis skills and the green field to hit some golf balls and learn the basics about golf or soccer. The program will play different games like kickball, dodgeball and baseball. 

“At the park we will remain in our groups of eight and not cross over with the other groups,” the department said in a press release. “We will wash hands frequently, especially before and after snacks. We will also have scheduled hand sanitizer breaks.  Parents will be asked to send their own child’s snack with them each day, along with their water bottle. We are checking with the school to see if lunch can be provided for them.”

For anyone who has already paid for the program and wants to cancel, a refund will be issued.  

Some details are still being worked out, the department said, but the plan is to hold the program this summer with these modifications. In order for the department to coordinate staff and make other arrangements, please register for Day Club by Friday, May 22. There will be no fee at this time and invoices will be issued at a later date. Registrations can be delivered into the department dropbox or online at For questions, contact the Parks and Recreation office at 329-2460.

Tentative dates ...

●  June Morning session: June 8-July 2, four weeks $275

●  June Afternoon session: June 8-July 2, four weeks

●  July Morning session: July 6-31, four weeks

●  July Afternoon session: July 6-31, four weeks

●  June All-Day session: June 8-July 2, four weeks

●  July All-Day session: July 6-31st, four weeks

●  Schedule for August will be announced after it’s determined if and when Summer School will be held.

For Phase 1, secured gathering places include the Middle School Youth Center at 1504 11th St; City Hall Annex at 1821 12th St. Parents will be asked to stay in their car and instructors will meet children and take into the building.

In July, if at Phase 2 of the Governor’s orders and can be in groups of 50, the program will all gather at Middle School Youth Center each day for attendance, activities and then walk to a park, weather permitting. Under Phase 2, the program will gather the entire group of children, unless it is determined that smaller groups will make for better social distancing and for the participants’ safety. 

The following safety guidelines will be observed for providing a safe program:

●  Parents will stay in their car for pick up & drop off; an instructor will meet children and take into the building

●  Staff will be wearing masks

●  Routine cleaning and sanitizing tables, etc.

●  Regular hand sanitizing for staff and children

●  At this time, the CDC is not requiring to check temperatures but only asking parents to not bring children when sick or instructor will call parent if the child gets sick during class. 

●  No use of playground equipment under the Governor’s orders

●  Children will be asked to bring a bag with their name on it of their own art supplies each day to include: crayons, glue, scissors, etc. to use for craft time. A list of supplies will be provided.

●  Restrooms will be cleaned according to CDC guidelines

●  Enforcing social distancing throughout the activities