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Blood drive collects 30 pints
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SOUTH WAYNE - The Red Cross Community Blood Drive on May 27 at Marty's Village Inn collected the 30-pint quota with 31 people presenting.

Zack Hudson was a first-time donor. Other donors were: Marlene Zimmerman, Ken Anderson, Penny Berget, Elaine Renken, David Renken, Loretta Brummel, Mary Zimmerman, Jack Hagen, Lonnie Stauffer, Deb Wolff, Lavonne Liphart, Grant Dale, Cheryl Dale, Robert Hull, Ed Ernst, Don Seffrood, Anna Schowalter, Konnye Hull, Betty Lehman, Herb Tornow, Decker Joyort, Joan Jenson, Jason Furman, Jenny Burns, Gary Burns, Tracy Williams, Mary Mcknight, Donna Wyss, Keren Signer and Colette Wyttenbach.

Food for the canteen was donated by Valley View, cheese; South Wayne Mart, milk; Kathy Hartwig, Renita Berget and Kathryn Larson, cookies; and Joyce Paulson, Susie Junk and Carole Broge, sandwiches. Other workers were Penny Berget and Loretta Brummel.

The next blood drive in South Wayne will be Aug. 5.