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Blanchardville blood drive exceeds goal with 59 units
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BLANCHARDVILLE - The Blanchardville Blood Drive on Dec. 15 exceeded expectations. The drive goal was 43 units; however, 59 units were collected, which benefits 177 lives.

The donors included Dennis Powell, Russell Johnson, David Reeson, Robert Hittesdorf, Richard Hendrickson, Ancil Norland, Paula Fredrickson, John Speer, Idain Carter, Marlys Reeson, Michael Hendrickson, Kathryn Kammerude, Joan McGowan, Tina Steiner, Patrick Leonard, Heidi Hankley, Jean Ryan, Michael Lynch, Sandra Strommen, Cynthia Guggemos, Steven White, Michael Ryan, Mary Barr, Tammy Harris, Marilyn Jaeger, Laurence Ryan, Roland McGowan, Richard Fredrickson, Jerry Bredeson, Paul Carter, Randall Flannery, Karen Meuth, Shannon Allbaugh, James McGhee, Margaret Hittesdorf, Sonia Olivier, Thomas Kammerude, Karen Mayhew, Raymond Becker, Timothy Hanson, Kyle Skattum, Benjamin Meyer, Kari Wilde, Lynn Roper, Jesse Puckett, Tracy Morland, Steven Allbaugh, Stacey McCarthy, Charlotte Tesch, Thomas Tesch, Amy Barnes, Amanda Hughes, Maia Hankley, Dalton James, Dylan McGowan, Rebecca Barr and Jason Gilbertson.

Joan McGowan was acknowledged with a nine-gallon pin and Marilyn Jaeger with a five-gallon pin.

This goal also was realized with the help of many volunteers, which included the American Legion Women's Auxiliary and canteen helpers (Agnes Ryser, Anita Kammerer, Joanne Kainz, Marilyn Fahrney and Vivian Lageson); canteen food donors (Charlotte Tesch, Anita Kammerer, Marilyn Fahrney, Agnes Ryser, Vivian Lageson, Joanne Kainz, Beth Kundert, Marilyn Jaeger, Beverly Ryan and the Woodford State Bank); registration (Susan Meier and Kris Erdmann); volunteers (Clara Moen, Kailee Schraepfer, Sarah Saether, Trevor Gilson, Dalton James, Jake Dearth, Jesse Puckett, Lyric Garrity, Lauren Becker and Angela Davis, Pecatonica High School); clean-up crew (Ray Becker, Werner Ryser and Dean Erdmann); and the "woman-on-the-beat" Paula Fredrickson.