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BH music students compete
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SOUTH WAYNE - Black Hawk music students performed in the Six Rivers East Solo and Ensemble competition on Saturday, Feb. 20, in Barneveld.In Class C, firsts were awarded to Michaela Akins for a flute and vocal solo; Justin Wiegel and Jordan Monson for their snare solos; Tessa Cushman, Olivia Holland, Brooke Moore and Aleigha Sigafus for their instrumental duets; Jared Pickett for a drum set solo; Ben Meligan for a bass solo; Hillary Holland for a euphonium solo; and Brooke Moore for a clarinet solo.Class C seconds went to Blaine Wolff for a baritone solo; Leane Dammen, Angel Paul, Cheyenne Winslow and Courtney Wilde for a double duet. The double duet of Michaela Kins, Meshell Akins and Cheyenne Burmeister performed critique only.The Class B, firsts were awarded to Leane Dammen and Logan Stietz for their trumpet solos. Seconds went to Crystal Novak and Leane Dammen for their vocal solos and to Connor Moore and Justin Bartosik for their alto sax solos.In Class A, firsts were awarded to Savanna Kaster and Bitzie Hagen for their vocal solos.