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Barcelona couple grabs limburger for trip home
José and Pilar recently visited downtown Monroe from Barcelona, Spain.

MONROE — José and Pilar are visiting the U.S. from Barcelona, Spain. During their time in America, they visited Grand Tetons National Park, Zion National Park, Salt Lake City, the Badlands, Chicago, and Monroe.

“We were fortunate enough to chat with them,” said Main Street Monroe executive director Jordan Nordby. 

Despite a bit of a language barrier, they discussed with Nordby, their appreciation for the historic buildings, cheese, American fashion, and the differences between Barcelona and Monroe.

“Downtown Monroe is José and Pilar approved,” Nordby said. “José even had a limburger sandwich stashed in his jacket pocket.”

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. It has a population of 1,620,343, an elevation of 39’, and is 39.2 square miles. Monroe by comparison has a population of 10,661, an elevation of 1,056’, and is 5.6 square miles.