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Albany Riverfest carp fishing contest to be held Aug. 19-21 rain or shine
Prizes awarded for the most carp caught; goal is to rid the waters of the invasive fish
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ALBANY — There’s a bounty out for those nasty varmints robbing the Sugar River of its natural game fish.

New, instead of Labor Day, this year the Lake Winnetka/Sugar River Improvement Association Inc. will hold its annual Carp Fishing Contest as part of Albany Riverfest, rain or shine, from Aug. 19-21. 

There will be two categories of prizes for the most carp caught, regardless of size. The first category will be for bow fishermen only. The second category for the most carp caught will be for all other types of fishing, including hook and line, spear, and hand fishing. Seine netting is not allowed. 

Prizes awarded in both categories will be first place $50, second $25, third $15, fourth $10 and fifth $5. There will be one bonus $50 prize for the largest carp caught in any manor determined by weight. This means that contestants could up to $100. There will be two fishing gear prizes for contestants ages 10-plus.

No registration is required to compete in the contest, but contestants must have a valid Wisconsin-fishing license. If fishing from boat and under 13 years old, a protective flotation device must be worn.

Qualifying carp must be caught from the Sugar River in Albany or on the millpond (Lake Winnetka) upstream of the Albany Dam. Hint: The shallow muddy areas of the lake are where many carp hide out. 

The goal of the contest is to provide a fun way to help game fish proliferate more abundantly by removing as many carp as possible. 

Contestants may start fishing anytime on Aug. 19 and fish all weekend. On both Aug. 19 and Aug. 20, by the Albany boat ramp there will be a carp count and weigh in at 5 p.m. The contest ends at 5 p.m. on Aug. 21. 

Prizes will be awarded rain or shine in the park by the Albany boat ramp at 5 p.m. Aug. 21.

For more information, call 608-862 1698 or 773-418-7123; or email, or look on Facebook at

Canoe, kayak races Aug. 20

The Albany Riverfest Canoe and Kayak races on the Sugar River will be held from noon to 3 p.m. on Aug. 20. Entry fee is $5.

The Advanced Route race will go from the County EE landing downstream to the Albany Pier. First place in each race receives $50 in prize winnings.

The Intermediate Route race will go from the Albany Pier upstream to the last buoy on the east side of the pond area on the lake and back. First place per race receives $25.

The Children’s Route race is for youth 10-and-under. The route is from the Albany Pier upstream to designated buoy viewable from the pier. Prizes will be announced.

All contestants under 13-years-old must wear a life vest.

More prizes for all categories will be announced as contest draws near. 

Canoes, Kayaks, paddles and life vests need to be provided by contestant, although there may be some available for use from local businesses and/or residents — check with the registration desk. Pre-registration is available. Fill out a form and bring it, along with a $5 entrance fee, to The Sugar River General Store ice cream shop in Albany.