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ADRC online presentation April 19
adrc aging disability resource center

MONROE — Living with a disability, living in an aging body, living with mental health struggles — all require tough talks. Tough talks are not easy, but they are necessary.

This monthly series to help learn how to work on many tasks that include legal issues, financial issues, health issues, mental health issues and emotional issues; sometimes all of those at once.

Roger Reynolds grew up on a farm in Crawford County and has lived in southwestern Wisconsin most of his life. Roger lives with Civilian PTSD, depression and anxiety. He is a Mental Health Peer Leader and has participated in, designed and led peer-led Mental Health support groups and skills groups.

The first in the series will be:

“I Am Tired of the Pandemic. And It is not Over, Yet!”

Pandemics happen, but the last major one was 100 years ago. This pandemic has been confusing, scary, stressful, tiring, and more. We will talk about some of our own struggles. Roger will talk about a bit of science, a bit of pandemic history and a bit of psychology. We will end by talking about how each person can plan better for their life until this ends. 

The series will not debate protocols or politics regarding the pandemic.