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ADRC offers self-directed walking program for arthritis

Developed, certified by the Arthritis Foundation

MONROE — The Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) is offering Walk With Ease from June 24 to August 5. 

This will be offered as a self-directed workshop with program guidance as needed from a trained leader. All needed materials will be mailed upon registration. 

Walk With Ease — a program developed and certified by the Arthritis Foundation — is a structured walking program that teaches participants how to safely and easily make physical activity part of their everyday life. The program is designed to help people living with arthritis better manage their pain and is also ideal for people without arthritis who want to make walking a regular and healthy habit.  

Walk With Ease offers support, information, and tools to help participants develop successful exercise routines. During the six weeks of the program, participants learn proper stretching and pain management techniques; they also build stamina and walking pace. 

The program can even be modified to meet the needs of individual participants so that each person can develop an exercise routine that fits their unique goals.  

“Research shows that walking is not only good for joints, but also helps improve the health of our heart, lungs, and bones,” said Laura Steiner, ADRC’s Wellness & Prevention Specialist. “Walking can also help with weight-management which in turn can reduce one’s risk for arthritis in the knee, heart disease, and diabetes. If you can be on your feet for at least 10 minutes without increased pain, for a minimum of three days per week, you will most likely have success with this program.” 

Walk With Ease has been shown to increase balance, strength and walking pace, as well as reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis. The program is also shown to build participant confidence to be physically active and improve overall health. Requirements to participate include; a guidebook (provided by the ADRC), a safe place to walk, and comfortable and safe shoes. There is no charge; however, donations are accepted to help cover the cost of materials provided. 

Pre-registration is necessary. No living-in county or state requirements. Contact the ADRC to sign up by calling 608-328-9499. 

Note, before starting any exercise program, be sure to always check with a healthcare provider.