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Academic Honors: July 12, 2012
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PLATTEVILLE - The University of Wisconsin-Platteville announced its 2012 spring semester chancellor's list.Students receive this academic status by earning a 4.0 grade point average during the semester.Area students included Kristina Boyle, Darlington; Thomas Butts, Browntown; Linley Carlson, Darlington; Kalee Crist, Darlington; Timothy Farrell, Blanchardville; Kimberly Forrester, Brodhead; Shawna Foulker, Darlington; Alyssa Harding, Brodhead; Jessica Johnson, Gratiot; Rebecca Johnson, South Wayne; Savanna Kaster, Browntown; Ashley Matthias, Argyle; Collin Murray, Monticello; Alicia Nettesheim, New Glarus; Corey Rahberger, Belleville; Sarah Silver, Monticello; Jonathan Swartz, Monroe; Erin Watkins, Belleville; Kelly Wellnitz, Brodhead; Matthew Whipple, Monroe; and Kandy Wunschel, Monroe.