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4-H promotes family challenges
Micki Andrews
An old pallet and paint were all 4-H member Micki Andrews needed to create a 4-H yard sign as part of the 4-H Promotion Challenge.

MONROE — Green County 4-H has lots of new ideas for how youth can join with 4-H families across Green County to grow and learn together. Youth can participate in virtual or small group 4-H club meetings, find new opportunities for your 4-H family to explore, serve or promote through one of our new 4-H Family Challenges, and discover new project learning options. 

For the 2020-2021 Green County 4-H year, 4-H members will be expected to participate in at least five 4-H meetings or activities, between October 1 to July 1. 

New opportunities include our 4-H Family Challenges, as a flexible option for youth to continue their 4-H educational, recreational and community service learning. Our 4-H Promotion Challenge invites members to be creative and let the world know how much they love 4-H. The 4-H Road Trip Challenge inspires members to explore new places and visit old favorites, all while having fun as a family answering scavenger hunt questions at each Road Trip site. 

Finally, our 4-H Community Service Challenge encourages members to continue to give back to their community through meaningful contribution.

New this fall is our new Discover 4-H program, a six-week virtual 4-H club program where families are invited to learn more about 4-H and participate in six hands-on project lessons. We are excited to have 18 families in Green County signed up. The program kicks off on Oct. 8 with their first project lesson on making muffins, taught by Green County 4-H Educator, Ellen Andrews.

To find out more information about these and other exciting 4-H opportunities, please contact the Extension Green County office at 608-328-9440 or go online to