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Wisconsin teachers: People of promise
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When you make a promise to a child, your word is set in stone. A promise to a child is an absolute. It's binding.

Wisconsin's teachers keep their promises to their students every day - the promise to nurture, to let children discover and grow. The promise to let patience reign supreme in a classroom full of wiggly bodies and choruses of "me first!" The promise to give their all in exchange for the opportunity to help shape the next generation.


Wisconsin public schools are among the best in the nation. The state's great teachers deserve a lot of the credit.

In Wisconsin, 99.5 percent of the teachers meet the standards for being "highly qualified" and 589 Wisconsin teachers have achieved National Board Certification, the highest credential in the teaching profession.

Wisconsin students have ranked in the top three states nationally on the ACT college entrance exams for 19 years straight, and they consistently score in the top 10 nationally on Advanced Placement scores. Our graduation rates are high and our schools are ranked as among the safest in the nation.

We all can be very proud of Wisconsin public schools.


It takes a special person to be a teacher. Just think back to those educators who touched your life.

When teachers are asked what makes them feel most appreciated, they overwhelmingly agree that a simple "thank you" is the best gift. I urge you to join me this week to take time to thank the teachers who work in your community schools, because our great schools benefit everyone.

The Wisconsin Education Association Council has put together some easy ideas to help you thank a teacher who has had a positive influence in your life or in the lives of your children.

Visit to find out more about Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3-9) and to recognize teachers for the outstanding work they do in Wisconsin's classrooms every day.