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Schubert: Forensics transformative for me
Marina Schubert

My freshman year of high school I went in not knowing what extracurriculars I was going to participate in, so I did as I was told or recommended to do. I went to the first meetings of every club or activity that sounded interesting to me. 

I ended up in Ms. Schultz’s classroom for Flex not really knowing what Forensics was. I was so thankful when I found some of my friends there. I sat down and listened to the coaches talk about what Forensics is and what to expect and who it is good for. I was hesitant at first, but then they told us a story about a girl a couple of years before who was quiet and introverted, but then she joined forensics and it gave her the ability to speak in front of her class. 

This hit me because I was the quiet kid terrified to do presentations for school. Granted, I am still quiet, but now I actually like speaking because I found out I am decent at it and only a tiny bit terrified to speak in front of others anymore. 

The first time I got up to perform that year I choked, froze. I couldn’t breathe or anything. I took a minute before I started to speak. My performance wasn’t great that first time competing, but little did I know that I would make it to state that year and the next two years.

This year I hope to win gold at state. Last year I was just one point short. I was so irritated with myself because I had worked so hard that season. So this year I plan on doing my absolute best.  

Forensics has become one of my favorite things about my high school experience. It has given me the ability to express myself and it keeps me busy and the people in it are pretty great too.

— Marina Schubert is a Monroe High School junior and is an intern at the Monroe Times through the MHS SOAR program.