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Otte: Entrepreneurship-Led Economic Development
Olivia Otte

Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in economic development in Green County. For years, entrepreneurs in our community have been one of the driving forces behind innovation, job creation, and prosperity. While Green County has long recognized the importance of small businesses for local growth, there has been a noticeable nationwide trend towards embracing entrepreneurship-led economic development strategies in recent years. This trend acknowledges the pivotal role that startups and small businesses play in promoting sustainable growth.

At Green County Development Corporation (GCDC), we couldn’t agree more with this economic development strategy. In Green County, almost all of our larger local businesses started out as entrepreneurs. It is with this in mind that we have partnered with The Bank of New Glarus to host the Small Business Series & Pitch Contest for the second consecutive year. The purpose of the Small Business Series is to serve as a comprehensive training program for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our hope is that by equipping them with essential knowledge and skills, we can cultivate the growth of the next generation of successful businesses in our community. Over the course of five weeks, participants engaged in informative sessions covering various aspects of business development, including crafting business plans, securing financing, and marketing strategies. The program also facilitated networking opportunities, allowing participants to forge valuable connections and receive support from their peers.

The Small Business Series exemplifies GCDC’s dedication to entrepreneurship-led economic development. At GCDC, we firmly believe that this approach allows us to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures and develops entrepreneurs. In doing so, we hope to fuel growth and improve the quality of life for all residents.  

To learn more about the work we are doing, please visit GCDC online at www., or feel free to contact the GCDC office at (608) 328-9452 or via email at gcdc@

— Olivia Otte is the Executive Director of the Green County Development Corporation (GCDC). She can be reached at, or by calling 608-328-9452.