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Thoughts on the GOP convention
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To the editor:

Check out Wikipedia for some interesting reading about the Republican convention: water guns were banned but hand guns were permitted. The federal government supplied $50,000,000 for convention security and purchased a $296,496 armored SWAT vehicle. The city of Tampa Bay spent $1.18 million on video linkages between ground police and helicopters and paid $16,500 to the Florida Fairgrounds Authority for space to organize a command center for 3,000 to 4,000 police.

As for the speakers, did Clint Eastwood talk to an empty chair to reinforce the angry old white man vote? Condoleezza Rice could have explained why she and President Bush ignored the advice of President Clinton and Richard Clarke about the threat bin Laden was to this country. Mitt Romney made no mention in his speech of the Afghanistan war and the sacrifices made by our troops serving there.

I remember listening to William F. Buckley, an intelligent and interesting conservative. I didn't always agree with him but had to respect him for his views. Now we have Paul Ryan who rates high in the good looks and nice hair department. I'm told he's a smart person. Smart people are not in short supply, but people you can believe and trust are. We can sit and discuss whether he told six or 10 lies to millions of people in his speech, but he showed we can't trust him. If you see a "Stop Ly'n Ryan" bumper sticker, please let me know.