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Some still in support of clean-up days
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In the Blossoms and Barbs section of the Monroe Times Saturday, March 20, there was a barb regarding the City of Monroe and spring clean-up. It said that the mayor and a number of aldermen were not in favor of spring clean-up.

To set the record straight, I have fought for returning this service time and again. The mayor and a few aldermen, including myself, are in favor of spring clean-up. We have brought forward an option to the committee, which was turned down. We will continue to promote reinstating spring clean-up.

It was also mentioned that we should use the funds from our reserves. This may sound like a good idea, but it sends the wrong signal to those whom we may need to borrow money to cover a debt. They may view this as an ongoing way that the city intends to pay for its operating expenses.

The lending institutions could make no changes whatsoever, and increase our interest rates or they would not be willing to lend us the money to cover our debts. We don't want to put our city in that position.

As citizens of the City of Monroe, you can help us in the meantime. Most items you would normally be sitting out on the curb for clean-up days can be picked up on your normal garbage pick-up day. The city also has produced a brochure to inform you the proper procedures you should take when setting materials out to be picked up.