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Romney, Ryan will provide needed leadership
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To the editor:

We have the most inept president that I can ever recall in all my years. He really does not know what he is doing ever since he took office. He would rather play golf and campaign than to give us a balanced budget; it's only been three years to pass one.

He also is apologetic, as he apologizes to the world for America, so our enemies realize he is weak and a wimpish leader. Now we are at war in other countries that we keep spending billions of dollars. How very nice of him.

As he is busy spending money on his failed green program, it cost $49,000 to build a Chevy Volt. We are nearing an economic collapse, but Obama keeps spending. All those stimulus have been a failure but he keeps spending.

His foreign policy is a disaster, because he really does not know what he is doing, or does his administration. Now terrorism's raising its ugly head again and Obama is cutting our defense budge, does that make sense? As President Ronald Reagan said, "Peace comes through strength." Obama's hope and change rhetoric is so damaging to our great country, he is weakening our very structure.

We need great leadership through Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan with their plans to lead this country out of the pitfall that President Obama put us in. They are the only hope to help America to its greatness.

As for Mrs. Ann Romney, she is a very remarkable lady that has such compassion, intelligence, and the beauty in her very being. Through her health issues who remained strong and thankful to God Almighty.

We must elect Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan to lead us in the right direction. May God bless them all.