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Rep. Brett Davis: Announcing the launch of BadgerCare Plus
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When I talk to families across south central Wisconsin, the rising cost of health care is consistently among the top issues on people's minds. As a result, Republicans and Democrats worked together in the most recent state budget to reach an agreement on the development of the BadgerCare Plus program. I am proud to announce that as of Friday, Feb. 1, every child in the state is eligible to participate in the BadgerCare Plus program. This achievement is significant and places Wisconsin as a national leader in health care reform.

BadgerCare Plus is designed to help provide quality health care coverage for Wisconsin families. The program will expand the existing BadgerCare program to cover all uninsured children, resulting in 98 percent of all Wisconsin citizens being covered. All Wisconsin families, regardless of income, will be able to purchase affordable, comprehensive health care coverage for their children.

Many middle-class families can enroll for a low monthly premium, which varies based on household income. In addition, certain business owners, farmers and pregnant women may be eligible for coverage.

I am excited about BadgerCare Plus, but it is only the latest effort to assist Wisconsin families in making health care more accessible and affordable. Earlier this year, both sides of the aisle came together to tackle health care costs from a different direction by passing a measure making health insurance premiums fully tax-deductible.

There is still much more to be done to improve health care in Wisconsin. I am focused on real-world solutions and common sense reforms to streamline health care and keep costs down, including increased disclosure of the real-dollar cost of medical procedures, removing the tax on Health Savings Accounts, creating incentives for hospitals to improve their electronic medical record keeping, and promoting Workplace Wellness programs to prevent and reduce the need for costly medical care.

In the weeks ahead I will continue to push for real-world reforms aimed at putting health care decisions in the hands of consumers. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Legislature in a bipartisan way to take the next significant step to lower health care costs for our families and small businesses in Wisconsin.

For additional information about my health care reform agenda, please contact my office at (888) 534-0080 or at To learn more about BadgerCare Plus, please visit or call (800) 362-3002.

- Wisconsin State Rep. Brett Davis, R-Oregon, serves the 80th Assembly District, which includes all of Green County and portions of Rock, Dane and Lafayette counties.