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Put more women into public office
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Many Wisconsin voters are looking forward to the November elections and know of their importance. Fewer may realize the significance of the August primaries. In some races, the primary may actually be the crucial election. For Lafayette County district attorney, there is no one running on the Republican side, so the winner of the primary will likely be our next D.A.

There are a number of strong women candidates running on the Democratic ticket. Tammy Baldwin is hoping to replace retiring Sen. Herb Kohl. Kelda Helen Roys is seeking to fill the 2nd Congressional District seat vacated by Baldwin. Because of redistricting, our area is now in the second, rather than our usual third Congressional District. On the state level, Maureen (Mo) May-Grimm is hoping to represent Wisconsin's 51st Assembly District. In Lafayette County, Kate Findley is running for district attorney, to replace retiring Charlotte Doherty.

All of these women have shown great intelligence and ability and have the courage to stand up for what they believe, in the face of opposition. Kelda Helen Roys has decided to not accept any corporate PAC money. This means she will be greatly outspent by those who receive these donations, but she will not be beholden to moneyed interests. She will continue to speak out and vote as she believes is best. This is the first step in getting big money out of politics. Check out her plans for doing that very thing on her website.

Putting more highly qualified women, such as Roys, into public office will be a first step toward making our country a place where everyone can have a decent life, rather than one where the gap between the haves and the have-nots continues to widen.

Do your research on the candidates and vote on Tuesday, Aug. 14.