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No time for status quo
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From Michael BoyceThird Ward Alderman, MonroeThe current Mayor recently removed me as the chairman of the Finance & Taxation Committee, because, he said, I "was struggling" in my role as chairman. I have to admit, he's right, I struggle with: Any effort to raise property taxes or increasing spending during a period of economic uncertainty; The current unwillingness of some city officials to consider a property tax cut; Using the city's "piggy bank", the Fund Balance, to reach a balanced budget; Not considering any changes in staffing and personnel or the city's health and retirement plans to keep the budget in check; Disregarding city ordinances in favor of "adopted custom", otherwise known as "politics as usual". Most of all I struggle with some elected officials who seemingly disregard their own laws in favor in what they term "adopted custom", otherwise known as "politics as usual."