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No need for fluoride in the water
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To the editor:

People of Monroe and the other towns nearby, wake-up to what's in your water. I'm talking about the poison known as fluoride. This substance has been added to your water supply since the 1950s and is 100 percent unnecessary.

I called the water department in Monroe and talked to the fellow in charge and he even admitted it's not necessary anymore since all toothpaste has fluoride in it. Of course I choose organic whenever I can so I buy fluoride-free toothpaste. Fluoride is not intended to be put in the human body, and if you took a half a teaspoon, you would soon be dead. Also, when they put the fluoride in the water supply, they have to wear protective clothing and a respirator. If the stuff is spilled, it eats concrete and steel and, despite what you've been told, it is not healthy for your teeth. I would urge everyone who has to drink it to call the water department in your town and demand to have fluoride removed from the water supply.

Check out fluoride action network at: If nothing else, at least demand it go to a referendum and let the people decide once they are informed. Every time you go to a restaurant or go through a drive-through and order a soda, a coffee, a juice, it's all made with fluoride water. It's even not good to shower and bath in. You can get a whole house reverse osmosis fluoride water filter but they cost.

People in other parts of the U.S.A. have held referendums in their towns and have successfully had the fluoride removed despite the EPA rule to have it. You can win but you need to do something about it. Please read up on fluoride at the website provided, then start calling people and make some noise. Plus the water rates in Monroe are ridiculous enough, if they remove the fluoride they would have no choice but to lower your water bill.