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My reasoning behind who our next president should be
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To the editor:

I want a president who does not make groveling apologies for our freedoms. I want a president who upholds our Constitution, not subvert it. I do not hate Barack Obama the man; I would sit down with him and enjoy a beer anytime, but I hate his policies and his failed leadership. I do not hate Muslims; I believe that they can worship and practice their religion peacefully within the United States, freely as others worship in a manner of their choice.

I also hate class warfare used by the liberal, Marxist left. There are some very rich people, so what? I would support a fairer/flatter income tax code that is at most a dozen pages in length, a far cry from the 73,608 pages at present. The elimination of tax loopholes itself would dramatically increase revenues at the same time we must control spending by government, reduce entitlements and waste and pay off debt, which is now a whopping $0.41 of every dollar collected. We cannot tax, borrow, and spend ourselves into anything but a dramatic collapse in our standard of living, forcing our great nation into a Greece-like country. Our national debt when President Barack Obama was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2009, was $10,626,877,048,913.08. Today it is more than $16 trillion. President Obama gave himself an "incomplete" on his handling of the economy, but really it far exceeds failure.

Our president is a fraud, has never held a real job or rolled-up his sleeves for some real hands on work and in that he is very different from Jimmy Carter, who knows hard work and still can swing a hammer. Carter failed in many things; his biggest mistake was to consider the Koran the same as the Bible and the Muslim world held the same basic beliefs and values that we do, unfortunately he was very ... wrong.

I am not big on Romney, although I believe he knows real work and has business experience that far exceeds any community organizer. Paul Ryan I know and like as he is the real deal. I am willing to give Romney four years to turn our nation around, but if he fails, I will not support him in a second term. I urge all moderate Democrats to do the same, that is give Romney four years and go from there.