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Money should not be factor in elections
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To the editor:

I'm amazed on many of the decisions our U.S. Supreme Court is making, such as Citizen United and now Citizens United No. 2, in the State of Montana, where they now must permit billions of dollars to float into their state by rich corporations and billionaires. For 100 years they were doing very well without these funds. Elections were done in an honest, fair manner, such as they should be. Money should not be the factor in choosing any candidates for office (like what happened in our own state). It was very well spoken years ago by Justice Edward G. Ryan, who posed the question "Which shall rule - wealth or man; which shall lead - money or intellect; who shall fill public stations - educators and patriotic freeman, or the feudal serfs or corporate capital?"

That theme became a hallmark of many great speeches by the man who became known as "Fighting Bob" Lafollette. I guess that says it all very well.