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Modern facilities move Clinic forward
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A blossom to Monroe Clinic for recently receiving a "Top 100 hospitals" award by Thompson. This award validates that they provide quality affordable health care and that spending $80 million on a new hospital building is unnecessary. It is the people working at Monroe Clinic that make it award-winning, not the building. Monroe Clinic administration, please do not spend $80 million and burden future generations with the debt. We all know that higher health care costs for the citizens of Green County will be the result of this unneeded spending. Keep up the great work in the wonderful existing buildings. - A concerned Green County citizen

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First, I'd like to thank the Green County citizen who gave Monroe Clinic a blossom for receiving the Thomson 100 Top Hospitals award. It is an honor shared by many: Our hardworking physicians, staff, volunteers, board of directors, our sponsors - the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes, and of course, our patients. I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank them all.

In the same blossom, "Green County citizen" commented, "It is the people working at Monroe Clinic that make it award-winning, not the building." This is true in many ways. Without great people, we never could achieve the high quality and patient satisfaction results the 100 Top Hospitals award recognizes.

I also hope I can help Green County citizen and others in the community understand that without a continued commitment to providing up-to-date technology and modern medical facilities, Monroe Clinic will not be able to keep and attract the best caregivers. And we certainly can't expect our patients to keep putting their faith and trust us if we can't give them the best care modern medicine has to offer.

Green County citizen wisely requests that Monroe Clinic not burden future generations. I couldn't agree more. Building for the future is one very important way we're working today to make sure we can take good care of this generation, and those to follow. While it may seem hard to believe, investing in efficient buildings actually is an important way we can keep costs down.

Change never is easy, and no industry is changing faster than health care. In reality, we have only two choices: We can continue to keep pace with the rapidly changing world of medicine, or we can fall behind. Continuing the legacy started here by the Sisters almost 70 years ago requires us to make the right decisions, even when they are difficult. I can say without hesitation, this project is the right thing to do.

I appreciate that there are many differing views on Monroe Clinic's building project. I'm pleased that concerned citizens are willing to share their opinions, and I want to hear them! Please feel free to e-mail questions to me directly at or call me at (608) 324-1263. Also, watch for upcoming events where the building project team will be available to answer your questions and share information including the design plans.