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Warren Hickey: Johnson a stain on WI
Letter To The Editor

From Donna Warren Hickey

Centennial, CO

To the Editor:

From Sen. Gaylord Nelson to Sen. Ron Johnson, Wisconsin? Really?

While I currently live in Colorado, I was born in Milwaukee, grew up in Brown Deer, regularly visited grandparents in Monroe and Baraboo, and graduated from UW-La Crosse. I am deeply disturbed and embarrassed that the hapless, conspiracy theorist Johnson spews out toxic disinformation and debases his government position whenever he is in front of a microphone or camera. It’s no longer a matter of Republican vs Democrat, but voting for someone who genuinely will represent the citizens in a decent, collegial manner is. Johnson, in the well of the Senate on Monday, covered for the vicious insurrectionists. As long as Sen. Johnson and others in Congress are able to continue to spread false information and outright lies, utter outlandish comments, we will continue to slide downhill as a nation and a democracy. Wisconsin, vote out the stain. It affects us all.