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Steinmann: VFW post 6858 scholarships and citizen awards
Letter To The Editor

From Joel Steinmann, Commander VFW post 6858


To the Editor:

Over the past month VFW post 6858 members have been able to hand out scholarships and citizenship awards to Albany, Brodhead, Juda and Parkview schools.

The scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior that is furthering their education at a two-year technical school or a Wisconsin base short course. The academics citizenship award is given to a 5th grader, 8th grader and a senior that the school administration chooses, and it is based on academics, leadership and promoting citizenship throughout the school year.

The students who received the scholarships were as follows. Albany-Nick Stokastad, Brodhead-Joseph Lomar, Juda-Lexie Heimann and Parkview-Sam Schwengels.

The students who received the citizenship awards were as follows. Albany 5th-Tenley Doescher, 8th-Brooks Wachholz and 12th grader was Alana Durstchi. Brodhead 5th-Mia Anderson, 8th was Aiden Arn and Peyton Jordan, 12th grader was Joseph Brown. Juda 5th-Michael Klopfenstein, 8th-Tayte Dosio and 12th grader was Vanessa Liphart. Parkview 5th-Malania Borntreger, 8th grader was Skyla Gray. The VFW post members take great pride in helping out the local communities especially the youth and we wish each of you the very best in your future endeavors.