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The sorry Democrats
Letter To The Editor

From Gene Rufer


To the Editor:

I sure am glad that I’m not a democrat. I sure would hate to have to defend leftist views to the people who use common sense. It’s not just America that is in a complete mess but the whole world is burning under the Biden regime. 

Let’s look at America, we have an open border with millions of law breakers entering and some of them are probably coming to do us harm. We say we are a country of laws; then why don’t we uphold the law? We have record high grocery prices. Gasoline prices are on the rise again and we have abundant supplies of oil under our feet. Biden used our strategic oil supply to hold down prices of gasoline when he stopped oil drilling at the start of his regime. Our strategic oil supply is at its lowest level. We are hosting drag queen shows for school age children which seems sick to me. We are allowing teens and preteens to change their gender, which is irreversible when the child decides, it was the wrong choice. Everywhere you look there is talk of racism. If the left doesn’t like it well then it must be racism. Pure signs of gaslighting. The democrats are covering up for a serial liar. Biden tells more lies, than Heins has pickles! California wants legislation to keep stores from closing, when it is the lefts policy that allows the shoplifting that is forcing them to close.

The left tells us that crime is down, well let’s look at some facts. In 2023 over 2019, Murder is up over 23 percent, robbery is up 27 percent, felony assault is up 35 percent, burglary is up 30 percent and auto thefts are up 194 percent. You never hear this if you watch the liberal, gaslighting news.

Now let’s look at the world, there is war in Ukraine, Israel is attacked by Hamas. Iran is funding the Israel war and elsewhere. China is taking advantage of America again and Biden lets it happen because Biden owes China. North Korea is again launching rockets. Russia is giving Biden their finger and trying to show strength against us.

If you are a Christian and read the Bible, you know the reading from Ecclesiastes chapter 10, verse 2 which states, “A wise man’s heart inclines to the right, but the heart of a fool to the left”!