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Pernitz: Trial lawyer shows support for Faun
Letter To The Editor

Mark Pernitz

New Glarus

To the Editor:

As an experienced trial lawyer, I encourage all Green County residents to vote for Faun Marie Phillipson for Judge of Green County Circuit Court in the Spring Election on April 6.

I endorse Faun Phillipson from the perspective of a trial lawyer with nearly 45 years of experience in courtrooms across the State of Wisconsin. I have tried over 50 jury trials in at least 15 counties including Green, Lafayette, Rock, Iowa, Grant, Dane, Sauk, Columbia and Jefferson, to name a few. I have handled contested cases in most of the counties in the State. Consequently, I have had personal experience with literally hundreds of judges across the State. As a result, I have a pretty good idea what qualities make a good judge. And I know one when I see one.

A good judge is intelligent, open minded, thoughtful, considerate, courteous, compassionate, respectful, hardworking, fair and impartial. They will be scholarly and have a good knowledge of the applicable law. They will run their courtroom in a businesslike manner, identifying the core issues in any dispute, making sure all the pertinent facts are presented, and identify and apply the controlling law to those facts. While not every party will win a case, it’s important for all parties to feel that they were treated courteously and with respect, and that the judge made a fair and impartial decision.

I have no doubt that Faun Phillipson meets and exceeds these qualities. Her record demonstrates that she is intelligent, scholarly and hardworking. She is the most experienced candidate both in the number of years practicing law as well as the breadth and variety of the legal cases she has handled. She has practiced in State and Federal courts across the country which has exposed her to many different judges with a wide variety of styles. She has deep roots in Green County and is very active in community affairs. Faun clearly has the right temperament to be an outstanding and well-respected judge.

Everyone wants a judge who is “tough on crime” until it’s their teenage daughter and her first traffic citation.

Please join me in voting for Faun Phillipson on April 6. She will make Green County proud.

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