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Pennington: Endorsing Susan Nelson for GC Supervisor-D. 10
Letter To The Editor

From Kathy Pennington

Green County Supervisor – District 31

To the Editor:

Sue Nelson has been an effective Green County Supervisor representing District 10 for the past 4 years.  Working alongside her, I have seen her work tirelessly for her constituents to create and pass legislation that addresses and drives economic development in our county. 

As colleagues, we serve on two Green County Board committees together, including Green County Zoning and Agriculture & Extension Education, of which Supervisor Nelson is the Chair. She is a determined and professional Supervisor who relies on her fact-based solutions that strive to benefit bottom-line economics for everyone in Green County. As an effective pro-economic growth leader, Supervisor Nelson builds consensus to enact effective laws.

On the Zoning Committee, Supervisor Nelson’s passion and effective persuasion are evident each time she speaks on behalf of a resident’s needs. For instance, she advocated and succeeded in expanding zoning requirements for Agricultural Tourism and Rustic Campgrounds. Her collective and effective action with other counties and at the State level provided solutions that benefit farmers and campers, as well as drive the county’s economic development by increasing tourism dollars in Green County. 

We need responsible and accountable Supervisors who are committed to driving an economy that will benefit all our citizens in Green County. I believe Sue Nelson is the best qualified person to continue to serve as Green County Supervisor in District 10.

I endorse Supervisor Nelson, and encourage citizens in District 10 to vote to re-elect this effective pro-economic growth leader on April 2, 2024.