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Moser: Referendum an investment in community's children
Letter To The Editor

From Barb Moser


To the Editor:

Nostalgia, tradition, and pride are endearing words that are used to describe the Monroe School District and the ideals that the Monroe Community has built its reputation on. A Cheesemaker education is a valued commodity and the Education of our children plays a vital role in building the foundation of a thriving community both economically and in character. Supporting the upcoming Northside School Referendum, will ensure the long-standing tradition of a strong school system and community. Securing a safe and secure learning environment for our children, is priceless and exemplifies our values as a community, which will reap benefits that transcends the cost of the referendum. A good operating school system entices and draws businesses and families to our community.

I have the unique opportunity to write from the perspective of a parent of five children who all attended Northside School and are since grown with families of their own, a past school board member and a lifelong member of the community. I have experienced first-hand the value of the quality education my children received while attending the Monroe School District and I have an invested interest as a community member to help ensure the current and future families in our community are afforded the same opportunities my children received. I have also witnessed our community coming together and rallying behind our students and school district in declaring the value of an investment in our students is ultimately and investment in the future of the community. The bottom line of what a school district referendum is all about is the future of the students, as well as, the future community they live in. Making an investment in our students is always worth the price as the community flourishes not only now, but in the future. The Northside referendum is a short-term investment with a long-term gain.

The Monroe Community is a tradition and foundation built on strong educational values, which creates opportunities for success both now and in the future.

Please join with me in voting for the Northside School Referendum.

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